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January 18, 2018

Guest Post: My Study Abroad Experience Far Exceeded My Expectations

Celine Wlasichuk’s month in France turned out to be one of the best of her life read more »

January 10, 2018

Student Voices: Self-Care is Survival

Small things go a long way to mental health and well-being read more »

January 4, 2018

Student Voices: Stepping Up to a New Year — and a New Way of Thinking

Hersharon Sandhu reflects on meaningful resolutions that can change not only you, but the world around you read more »

December 21, 2017

Student Voices: An Ode to WRITE 298

What started out as a writing class ended up as a journey of self-discovery read more »

December 14, 2017

Student Voices: Preparing for Employment, Post-Graduation

Duncan McCrostie discovers that an arts degree gives you many skills for the workforce read more »

December 7, 2017

Student Voices: Where Do I Belong?

For Indigenous students, identity is not a simple thing read more »

December 5, 2017

Amir Khadem wins UAlberta’s top doctoral award

Governor General’s Gold Medal winner’s dissertation touches on catastrophic trauma, memory and literature read more »

November 30, 2017

Student Voices: Where Are the Men?

Hersharon Sandhu asks how we can encourage more men to become feminists read more »

November 28, 2017

Guest Post: My Job Shadow Experience

Shannon Coyne finished job shadow week with a whole new perspective read more »

November 23, 2017

Student Voices: The Right Internship Is a Breath of Fresh Air

Serendipity led Mishma Mukith to a meaningful non-profit internship read more »

November 22, 2017

Inaugural class of the new MA in Gender and Social Justice set to convocate

Diversity and collaboration at the core of their studies, say the first three graduates read more »

November 16, 2017

Student Voices: Arts Work Experience… Halfway Across the Country

Toronto is full of pleasant surprises for this Arts student read more »

November 10, 2017

Margaret Christakos, new Writer in Residence

New Writer-in-Residence mentors students by teaching, and by example

Poet Margaret Christakos follows opportunity – and language – wherever they take her read more »

November 2, 2017

Student Voices: We are Responsible for Holding our City Council Accountable

Edmonton has made great progress, but there’s still a long way to go in the area of diversity read more »

October 26, 2017

Student Voices: The Power of Gratitude

Mishma Mukith realized that showing appreciation to others changed her life too read more »

October 19, 2017

Student Voices: Applying does not mean getting a job

Student Voices: Applying does not necessarily mean getting a job

Duncan McCrostie shares the reasons he joined the Faculty of Arts Work Experience (AWE) program read more »

October 5, 2017

Student Voices: I Walked Out of My First Women’s & Gender Studies Class

Hersharon Sandhu realized that she, too, had to unlearn her internalized misogyny read more »

September 28, 2017

Student Voices: I Paid $600 for a Course on Volunteering

Mishma Mukith says Community Service-Learning not only changed the direction of her education, it changed her life read more »