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January 12, 2017

Preparing pasta with vegetables. Top view of an iron cooking pan filled with penne pasta and colorful vegetables on kitchen counter top. DSRL studio photo taken with Canon EOS 5D Mk II and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM

Student Voices: Meatless Mondays, Anyone?

Student blogger urges readers to re-think their food choices read more »

January 11, 2017

Suman Varghese

Finding help close to home

Faculty of Arts psychologist Suman Varghese counsels students in crisis read more »

January 5, 2017


Student Voices: Academia’s Effect on Physical Health

Should students be encouraged to use their bodies, as well as their brains? read more »

December 21, 2016


Student Voices: Christmas or Colonized?

An Indigenous student’s love/hate relationship with Christmas read more »

December 15, 2016


Student Voices: Don’t Panic!

International student blogger offers firsthand advice for surviving exams read more »

December 8, 2016


Student Voices: What Is Our Responsibility in Indigenous Reconciliation?

A co-op position at Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada opened Matana Skoye’s eyes to the deeper issues of reconciliation read more »

December 1, 2016


Student Voices: Where Do We Study?

Do the locations of classes influence how well we learn? read more »

November 24, 2016


Student Voices: It’s All One Big House of Cards

Indigenous student blogger says it’s today’s young people who need to save the environment and the economy read more »

November 17, 2016

Hello in many languages written with chalk on blackboard

Student Voices: Soccer, Not Football

International student blogger shares her experience with culture shock read more »

November 10, 2016

Customer Service Concept on Blackboard

Student Voices: Sensitivity as a Source of Strength

Student says we need to stop viewing emotions as a weakness read more »

November 3, 2016


Student Voices: The Vertical Hierarchy of University Buildings

Do vertical separations impede academic progress? read more »

October 27, 2016


Student Voices: A letter to first year international students on how to survive residence life

Blogger says that the key to success is stepping out of your comfort zone read more »

October 13, 2016


Student Voices: “Well, you’re not like them”

Stereotypes prevent progress, says Indigenous student blogger read more »

October 6, 2016


Student Voices: An International Perspective on Mental Health

Radha Saikia reflects on the unique challenges shared by international students read more »

September 29, 2016


Student Voices: Five Reasons Why Every Student Should Move Out of Province for Work

Reflections on moving from Edmonton, Alberta to Gatineau, Quebec read more »

September 1, 2016

IMG_4450 (1)

The Adventure of a Lifetime: The e3 Brazil Program

English major Trent Harris formed a new opinion of Brazil after studying with UAlberta's e3 Program read more »

August 30, 2016


Faculty of Arts Field Schools: A Classical cultural experience

Department of History & Classics' field schools immerse students in the culture and history of Italy and Greece read more »

July 5, 2016


Guest Post: Is the Internet Making Our Lives Boring?

English student reflects on her brain's reliance on the Internet read more »