The ArtsWORKS Conference – A good place to start | Work of Arts
The ArtsWORKS Conference – A good place to start | Work of Arts

The ArtsWORKS Conference – A good place to start

Amber Nicholson, Career Development Officer in the Faculty of Arts, outlines the benefits of attending the ArtWORKS Conference on Saturday, October 26.

This career education event for Arts students and recent graduates on is an excellent opportunity to learn more about career management strategies and employment options, as well as to network! To review the complete program or to register, visit:

Choices, choices…decisions, decisions

Too often, working in career services, I find that students confuse examining career options as “deciding what to do with the rest of [my] life in the next hour.” Let’s be honest—making a career decision isn’t easy, takes time and can put a lot of pressure on the decision maker.

Attending ArtsWORKS is a good step in terms of finding out what opportunities are out there, networking and learning about career management strategies in a no pressure environment. It isn’t a day for decisions; it’s a day of exploration!

Arts degrees are intended to provide broad, transferable skills that literally “transfer” into a wide range of employment settings. ArtsWORKS is one of many opportunities offered to Arts students to hear directly from Arts alumni and employers about what it’s like to work in their field, what opportunities exist, and how to get your foot in the door. You can hear from panelists in wide ranging industries, including the Financial Industry, Human Services, Communications, the Public Service and Careers with a Global Focus.


Going abroad?

That’s one option (a pretty fantastic one if you ask me!). Learn what programs exist and listen to our dynamic student speakers as they share their experiences abroad and discuss the impact it had in their lives. We will also have a targeted session on how to talk about your international experience in resumes and interviews….just another great way to stand out from the competition.

Make your own luck

In career advising, I often refer to the book Luck is no Accident by Krumboltz and Levin (2004). The basic premise is that, instead of relying on “lucky” breaks, the vast majority of those who are satisfied in their careers work hard to set themselves up for and take advantage of unforeseen events when they arise.

Our sessions on career management can show you how to create your own opportunities by being involved on campus outside of the classroom, to taking part in undergraduate research, to learning how to market your skills and network effectively.

How to get started? Come to ArtsWORKS to learn about career options in a relaxed environment and come away prepared to put the work in! Don’t worry, we’re here to help along the way!

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