Student Voices: Transitioning to full-time work | Work of Arts
Student Voices: Transitioning to full-time work | Work of Arts

Student Voices: Transitioning to full-time work

Arts Work Experience student Bryce Schmode shares his tips for transitioning from school to full-time work and how to achieve a work-life balance when you suddenly find yourself with evenings free from schoolwork.

Student Voices is a WOA blog feature that presents the experiences and point of views of current Arts students around campus. Get to know our creative and passionate students through their “voices” and get a snapshot of life as an Arts undergrad. The views and opinions expressed within these student voices posts are solely those of the author.

The transition from the classroom to the office presents many challenges and opportunities. One of the changes I found the most difficult was leaving work at work. It was a surprise transitioning from school, where writing reports and completing assignments during the evenings was your average night, to work, where your nights are generally free. After all, prior to starting my co-op, all I’d known was to go home and try and memorize as much of my textbooks as humanly possible each night.

How many recent graduates can say they’ve carried this work ethic over to their new careers? For many of us, taking work home seems like a way to get ahead and distinguish yourself from others. However, it’s impossible to give more time to your work without taking time away from your family and personal life. On top of that, as humans, we need to take time to recharge and take time away from work — it’s good both for our productivity and for our health.


Having gone through the transition firsthand, here are some tips to achieve a good work-life balance:

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Being a co-op student may compel you to bring work home so that you can complete it as soon as possible. However, your employers know you’re not a machine and that you too have family, friends and other interests outside of work. Unlike school where you have a few hours of classes and need time to study, learning to schedule your day into work hours is essential to giving yourself a chance to rest and recharge. In the end you and your work will benefit from this.

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About Bryce Schmode

Bryce Schmode

Bryce Schmode is entering his 4th year at the University of Alberta, majoring in Planning. He is presently enrolled in the Arts Work Experience program and is working at the City of Edmonton in the Growth Analysis unit, which provides information and analysis to support decision-making within the City. In his spare time, Bryce plays hockey, enjoys photography and is an avid outdoorsman who hikes, camps and snowboards.