ATB Summer work experience program looking for Arts students | Work of Arts
ATB Summer work experience program looking for Arts students | Work of Arts

ATB Summer work experience program looking for Arts students

ATB 101 program coming to UAlberta campus for information session

Summer may feel like it’s a long way away, but ATB Financial is already recruiting students for ATB 101 – their summer student work experience program. In fact, they’ve got an information session scheduled this Wednesday (January 27) in SUB Career Centre, and they’re hoping to see some Arts students in the crowd.

ATB 101 boasts a wide range of diverse summer positions, and we sat down with organizer and ATB Talent Advisor Shelley Geddes, as well as Senior Specialist for Talent Acquisition Kimberlea Kozachenko to talk about what makes ATB 101 a smart choice for an Arts student.


  1. What kind of positions can students take on through the ATB 101 Program?

We have diverse positions ranging from Communications and Human Resources, to Innovation and Marketing. You’ll meet people here whose backgrounds extend from psychology to finance to agriculture, and more, so you don’t need to be a finance major to apply. Visit to see our summer student opportunities.

  1. Why is this the perfect summer program for an Arts student?

Because our roles are so diverse, ATB Financial is the perfect employer for a diverse range of academic specializations, including Arts. Our organizational culture and values are strong. ATB employees volunteer thousands of hours to community initiatives, and ATB contributes further through charitable donations, fundraising, grants and sponsorships every year.

  1. What specific skills do students leave the program with? 

When your term is up, we’ll make sure you have true examples of meaningful accomplishments and real-world challenges to speak about because of the experience you’ll gain with us. [You’ll have] access to senior leaders, resources to share and record learning and achievements, and time to spend with your diverse peers.

  1. How has the ATB 101 program been successful for past students?

The ATB 101 Class of 2015 has been buzzing with positive feedback about their experience with ATB Financial. We’re fans of authentic stories and testimonials – One student said, “I truly feel this job was designed to cater to my personal development as much as it was to cater to ATB’s development. This mutual benefit was distinct and powerful, and makes ATB a place that I want to be.”

  1. Why is it important to get work experience while you’re still in school?

Your education is important, of course, but credentials aren’t everything. The values, experiences and stories you gain through the work you do as a student and the relationships you’ll build will help define your career post-graduation.


Visit the ATB 101 Student Program website for more information. To check out other student work experience opportunities, visit the UAlberta Career Centre or the Arts Work Experience website.

Follow ATB 101 on Twitter @JobsAtATB for more great student work opportunities.

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