“We Are Seven” | Work of Arts
“We Are Seven” | Work of Arts

“We Are Seven”

First six out of seven female UAlberta students were in the Arts

Last week, for International Women’s Day, UAlberta memorialized the legacy of the “First Seven,”  the first group of female undergraduate students at the university in 1908, in a feature titled “We are Seven.” In it, university scribe Andy Grabia writes of the first seven, and the girls-only club they founded on campus.

The story is one that is near to the Faculty of Arts’ heart as six of the seven women were Arts students. In fact, Agnes Kathleen Wilson (BA ’12) was the first woman to register at the U of A, and an arts student. She was also a vice-president on the first Students’ Union, as well as an editor at The Gateway.

Along with Agnes, the first seven included Erna Roedler (BA ’14), Ethel Anderson (BA ’12), Winnifred Dorothy Hyssop (BA ’12), Ada J. Johnston (BA ’31), Mary Elizabeth Lloyd (BA ’12) and Science alumna Decima Robinson.

Read the full article “We are Seven” and share it in honour of the women who blazed a trail for female students to shine at the University of Alberta.


The 1911 Wauneita Society (from left): Sylvia Robertson, Libby Lloyd, Decima Robinson, Helen Montgomery, Kathleen Lavell, Agnes Wilson, Mary Millar. (Photo courtesy U of A Archives, UAA 69-132-2)


Top banner: The first seven female undergrads (from left): Erna Roedler, Decima Robinson, Ethel Anderson, Agnes Kathleen Wilson, Ada J. Johnston, Winnifred Dorothy Hyssop, Mary Elizabeth Lloyd. (Photo courtesy U of A Archives, UAA 70-69-10)


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