Alumni Podcast: Pet Sounds | Work of Arts
Alumni Podcast: Pet Sounds | Work of Arts

Alumni Podcast: Pet Sounds

Sarah Hoyles took a chance with her first podcast about animals, and found a new passion

For a few weeks this summer, we’re going to share some fascinating podcasts by our amazing alumni. Join us to hear more about some of the most entertaining content on the web!

Sarah Hoyles image (1)This week we meet Sarah Hoyles (’05 BA, Drama), communications and media consultant, who spent the first decade of her career working in broadcasting after obtaining her journalism degree from University of King’s College in Halifax, N.S. She spent much of that time at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), in the role of radio producer, contributor and reporter on such shows as Definitely Not The Opera, CBC Radio 3 and regional current affairs programming in Alberta, Manitoba and New Brunswick. She also produced and hosted a range of programs at the Alberta-wide public radio network, CKUA.

In 2015, Hoyles had been pitching ideas to broadcasters and applying to radio job postings. But while attending the 2014 Third Coast International Audio Festival for public radio hosts and podcasters, Hoyles heard something that gave her something think about.

“There I heard WNYC and WBEZ higher ups talk about how there are a finite number of hours available on broadcasters. This limits the chances they’ll take and opportunities available. Meanwhile podcasts have infinite space to play and explore. I realized I could create something of my very own and I didn’t need to worry about any gatekeepers. It was liberating and terrifying at the same time.”

Shortly afterwards, Hoyles, an animal lover, took the leap into podcasting and launched her first series, Pet Sounds, which explores peoples’ relationships with their pets. Check out some of her episodes here:

Why our pets hate our music

Why animals photos are so popular

The evolution of the term cat lady

The trend of tattoos of pets

How faith impacts pet choice

From there, she pitched and developed a three-part pilot podcast for The Edmonton Heritage Council’s Edmonton City as Museum Project (ECAMP), and now shares the production load with two other Edmonton podcasters. It was a rousing success, and was picked up for a full season.

Now, she’s exploring other podcasting avenues. This month she’ll start working with Volleyball Alberta on a history project that will take the form of a series of podcasts. The sky is the limit for Hoyles, and we’ll be watching closely to see where her talent for podcasts takes her.

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