The Adventure of a Lifetime: The e3 Brazil Program | Work of Arts
The Adventure of a Lifetime: The e3 Brazil Program | Work of Arts

The Adventure of a Lifetime: The e3 Brazil Program

English major Trent Harris formed a new opinion of Brazil after studying with UAlberta's e3 Program

Lunch Buffet: Trying Feijoada (a Brazilian Dish)

Trent Harris is an English major, entering his last year of study. This summer, he embarked on the adventure of a lifetime through the e3 Brazil program through U of A International.  The e3 program is a unique opportunity for students, offering them three program components during their stay: language study, a work or research internship, and academic coursework.

Harris spent seven weeks in Curitiba, the capital of the Brazilian state of Paraná, where he was immersed in Brazilian culture and the Portuguese language. He also took the opportunity to travel Argentina and Uruguay for a couple of weeks afterwards.

“Growing up I have been fortunate enough to travel many parts of the world,” reflects Harris. “I strongly believe that visiting other countries and immersing yourself in their culture is one of the strongest forms of education and learning. For this reason I decided to add an international component to my degree and apply for the e3 Brazil program.”


Experiencing the importance of food, lunch and hospitality for Brazilians at a family farm

Once Harris was accepted for the summer program, he decided to apply for the U of A’s Certificate in International Learning, as attending school in Brazil and studying Portuguese fulfilled many of the requirements of the certificate.

Harris’ time in South America was like nothing he had ever experienced before. The most important thing he learned? “One must see something for themself before they follow the critics. People and the media know Brazil for its corruption and crime. After travelling to Brazil I personally conclude that Brazil is a beautiful country with the most hospitable people I have ever met throughout my travels. I will for sure be back soon!”

During his travels, Harris captured a few observations of Brazilian culture in his blog.



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