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Matana Skoye | Work of Arts

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April 6, 2017

Student Voices: What is Intersectional Feminism?

Student blogger describes the harm of oppressive stereotypes and norms read more »

March 9, 2017

Student Voices: Taking the Long Academic Path

Student blogger shares five benefits of extending your degree read more »

January 12, 2017

Student Voices: Meatless Mondays, Anyone?

Student blogger urges readers to re-think their food choices read more »

December 8, 2016

Student Voices: What Is Our Responsibility in Indigenous Reconciliation?

A co-op position at Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada opened Matana Skoye’s eyes to the deeper issues of reconciliation read more »

November 10, 2016

Student Voices: Sensitivity as a Source of Strength

Student says we need to stop viewing emotions as a weakness read more »

September 29, 2016

Student Voices: Five Reasons Why Every Student Should Move Out of Province for Work

Reflections on moving from Edmonton, Alberta to Gatineau, Quebec read more »