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November 28, 2013

Stepping out

Arts alumna and award-winning author Katherine Govier helps new Canadians express themselves through shoes read more »

November 22, 2013

The end of the world as we know it?

English PhD student Brent Bellamy studies the role of narrative in post-apocalyptic fiction and what it can tell us about the present read more »

November 21, 2013

Crossing the borders in Women’s Writing

Recent PhD graduate Libe Garcia Zarranz receives a Gold Medal for her work on borders in the fiction of queer transCanadian women writers read more »

November 15, 2013

Nerd Nite: Revenge of the Nerds

U of A alumni bring Nerd Nite to Edmonton, creating a community of nerds who love to learn. read more »

November 13, 2013

Hot goods

Arts alumni design firm receives international acclaim read more »

November 7, 2013

Move over, Thor.

There is another (female) viking in town. Natalie Van Deusen, professor in the Department of MLCS, studies the depiction of women in Old Norse literature. read more »

November 5, 2013

Music and culture

Science student Elizabeth Cunningham participated in an Ethnomusicology class this past summer and learned how music impacts and changes lives. read more »

November 1, 2013

Leading U

Political Science student Emerson Csorba led the creation of an e-book that shares the experiences and reflections of UAlberta leaders and alumni. read more »

October 25, 2013

Putting an Arts degree to work

Arts student Nicole Liesner reflects back on her internships with the Arts Work Experience program, which helped her realize the full potential of an Arts degree. read more »

October 17, 2013

Back to the silver screen

October 19 is International Home Movie Day. We talk to Jaimie Baron, a film studies researcher, about how the use of old footage from sources like home movies in documentaries and experimental films contributes to our understanding of history. read more »

October 11, 2013

How Ruth Kelly Venture-d into media

Arts alumna Ruth Kelly is the keynote speaker at this year’s ArtsWORKS conference on October 26. Kelly shares her success story with the WOA blog and provides a sneak preview of her talk at the conference. read more »

September 30, 2013

Alison Taylor

Engaged learning in the community

A spotlight on the UAlberta CSL program, which connects communities and engages students, as it celebrates its 10th anniversary. read more »

September 23, 2013

SSHRC grant helps researcher think beyond reconciliation

English professor Keavy Martin leads a research project looking at how art can be used to increase public engagement in the aftermath of residential schools. read more »

September 23, 2013

Teaching in the Digital Age

Heather Zwicker, Vice-Dean of Arts and English professor, uses digital technology in the classroom to engage students. read more »

September 23, 2013

Rehab by Design

Arts alumna Laila Steen learns how design can be applied to rehabilitation science. read more »

September 23, 2013

Harvey Krahn & Nancy Galambos

Resilient Research

Arts researchers Harvey Krahn and Nancy Galambos lead the longest-running longitudinal study in Canada, which looks at how people transition from youth to adults. read more »

September 23, 2013

Chelsea Boucher, Arts Aboriginal student

Changing campus culture from the inside out

Political Science student Chelsea Boucher is a leader in building a campus community for Aboriginal students at UAlberta. read more »