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March 27, 2015

Social Intervention through storytelling

Part 2 of an in-depth look at the Arts-based KIAS Cluster Grant research projects read more »

March 24, 2015

KIAS research grant will help secure funding for “After Oil” Petrocultures project

Part 1 of an in-depth look at the Arts-based KIAS Cluster Grant research projects read more »

March 19, 2015

Presenting an authentic view of the Middle East

UAlberta’s new ECMC Chair of Islamic Studies hopes to present a more balanced view of Islam read more »

March 5, 2015

Move over, Indiana Jones

Anthropology professor Jack Ives has spent his career studying the migration of First Nations through North America read more »

February 19, 2015

Everything old is new again

Anthropologist Gregory Forth reconciles old beliefs with new discoveries in Indonesia read more »

February 5, 2015

Women in conflict and peace

Political science professor Siobhan Byrne examines feminist activism in the Northern Ireland and Israel/Palestine conflicts read more »

January 22, 2015

Mental illness through a different lens

Political Science PhD candidate Janet Phillips studies the history of Canada’s mental health policy and shifts in how we perceive and exclude the mentally ill read more »

December 23, 2014

Year in Review: 2014

From award-winning alumni to researchers who are leaders in emerging fields, we recap the 14 most popular stories from Work of Arts this past year read more »

December 17, 2014

A personal connection

Anthropology professor Kisha Supernant explores Métis archaeological sites while unearthing some of her own heritage read more »

December 4, 2014

Eugenics history hits close to home

Arts philosopher Rob Wilson is helping draw attention to the history of forced sterilization in Alberta read more »

November 20, 2014

Girlhood in popular culture

Women’s & Gender Studies researcher Cristina Stasia studies the depiction of girls and female action heroes in popular culture and how that impacts the formation of girls’ identities read more »

November 6, 2014

Building modern tools for native languages

Linguistics professor Antti Arppe creates software that may help speakers of Plains Cree use the language in all aspects of modern life read more »

October 23, 2014

Families in flux

UAlberta sociologist Lisa Strohschein studies the impact of home and family dynamics on people’s health and wellbeing read more »

October 9, 2014

Creating a community of learners

Award-winning teacher Micah True creates community in his classroom, transforming students into an engaged group of learners and impacting their lives. read more »

September 25, 2014

At the forefront of a new field of study

English professor Imre Szeman and the Petrocultures research team explore the habits, beliefs, knowledge, practices and institutions involved with oil and energy to determine how we can build a sustainable energy future. read more »

September 11, 2014

The history of sustainability

Historian’s research examines our current ecological, economical, cultural and population predicaments, and the history that led us to where we are today read more »

August 13, 2014

Using language as a lens

Sociolinguist Jennifer Dailey-O’Cain examines how Dutch and German youth use English in online conversations and what that can teach us about their national ideologies read more »

July 30, 2014

Colleen Murphy as Playwright in Residence

Colleen Murphy aims to provoke theatre audiences and students as the next Lee Playwright in Residence. read more »