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April 21, 2015

Student Voices: A fond farewell

In our final Student Voices post of the academic year, 4th-year student Ashton Mucha reflects on the inspiring professors who shaped her university experience read more »

April 14, 2015

Student Voices: The value of education?

Fine arts student Jessy Ardern shares her take on recent government statements about funding “high value” postsecondary programs read more »

March 23, 2015

Student Voices: From co-op, to classroom, to career

Arts Work Experience student Bryce Schmode reflects on how co-op positions benefit Arts undergraduates back in the classroom and beyond read more »

March 17, 2015

Student Voices: Freshest Fresher?

As 4th-year student Ashton Mucha begins her study abroad term in Australia, she finds herself feeling like a first-year all over again read more »

March 10, 2015

Student Voices: Thoughts on procrastination and panic

4th year student Charlotte Forss shares her strategies for coping with the inevitable end-of-term stress read more »

March 3, 2015

Student Voices: Inspired to create change

In this guest post, Suzanne Pescod explains how a Women's and Gender Studies course has motivated her to take action read more »

February 24, 2015

Student Voices: Interview with an intern

In this special Q & A, a psychology student discusses how taking on an internship placement has changed her outlook on school and the future read more »

February 10, 2015

Student Voices: 50 Shades of the U of A

Before 4th-year student Ashton Mucha leaves for a study abroad semester in Australia, she counts down the 50 things she loves and will miss about the University of Alberta read more »

February 3, 2015

Student Voices: (Partially) imagined rules for library life

Animal puppets, drama and rebellion: 4th year student Charlotte Forss talks us through some of her rules for library life on campus read more »

January 27, 2015

Student Voices: Life as an artist

Fine arts student Jessy Ardern shares the highs and lows of life as an acting student, and explains why even the most grueling days are worth it in the end read more »

January 20, 2015

Student Voices: USchool

Aboriginal student Kayla Lar-Son regards her volunteer work with USchool, which fosters learning in socially vulnerable youth, as one of the best experiences of her post-secondary education. read more »

January 13, 2015

Student Voices: Transitioning to full-time work

Arts Work Experience student Bryce Schmode shares his tips for transitioning from school to full-time work and how to achieve a work-life balance when you suddenly find yourself with evenings free from schoolwork. read more »

December 16, 2014

Student Voices: The four-year summit . . . okay, maybe five

During a recent field trip to Banff with her English class, 4th year student Ashton Mucha bonded with her peers over late-night chats, impromptu karaoke sessions and learning about mountaineering in literature read more »

December 9, 2014

We are all Shakespeare

Research by 5th year Arts student Blue Knox explores Shakespeare and contemporary Canadian political leadership and how studying literature can build better leaders read more »

December 2, 2014

Student Voices: Winter fun

There is no doubt that Edmonton winters are long, dark and oh-so-very cold. 4th year student Charlotte Forss has great tips for staying involved on- and off-campus in order to keep the winter blues away read more »

November 25, 2014

Student Voices: Send in the clowns

Fine Arts student Jessy Ardern learned how to trust her impulses and to follow her instincts while taking a clowning and physical comedy course. read more »

November 18, 2014

Student Voices: Racism and playing dress up

My culture is not a “costume”: Student blogger Kayla Lar-Son discusses the cultural misrepresentations and racism promoted by certain costumes read more »

November 12, 2014

Student Voices: The benefits of a work experience

From relevant career experience to regular pay cheques, Bryce Schmode shares the benefits of being an Arts Work Experience student read more »